An inspection of the new or refurbished property will be undertaken before possession is taken. The Snagging Report which will include digital photographs where appropriate, is then discussed and given to the builder or developer who will have the opportunity to rectify all faults and defects prior to our return for a final inspection. At that point, INI will check the work and changes that have been made, note what plans the developer has made for resolving any outstanding issues and submit the report to the client.

Some clients may not have the luxury of time before the take possession of a property and where time is of the essence Inventory NI can be flexible and tailor the Snagging Report process to suit the timetable of the client.

All parties will receive a copy of the Snagging Report on completion of the assignment unless otherwise agreed by email. Bound hard copies will also be sent by post.


Our prices are based upon the square footage of the premises, for your individual quote, please contact us on 02890 422045.